The original content of this website was taken from the first Passion Spent website, here. (Last updated: 12 April 2012)


Welcome to the first PASSION SPENT website, which was originally created in August 2006 to publicise the charity gig the band undertook (at the request of Sue and Simon Smith) to raise funds for The Motor Neurone Disease Association.


Over the course of the band’s history, the line-up changed on several occasions. We’d like to acknowledge the contributions and the participation of the following musicians: Brian Wrigglesworth, Mick Douthwaite, Rick Wilkinson, Gavin Carey, Andy Bowering, Pete Sherwood, Dominic Lourie, Ben Lourie and Carrie Martin. We also played one gig (Scunthorpe Baths Hall) with the superb combination of Paul Hewson (Huey) on drums and Merv Dobson on bass guitar.
But Passion Spent were mostly:

  • Mark Johnson – Drums
  • Jim Orwin – Vocals
  • Dave Rushby – Guitar
  • Steve Sanderson – Bass
  • Ian Sunderland – Keyboards
Passion Spent – when we ‘wuz’ young.

Mark, Dave, Jim, Ian, Ben (May 1985)