How did it start?

I was in the last weeks of pre-season, training six days a week. Running and cycling and gym work. It was my final season after twenty years of dedication. I represented Yorkshire and was fortunate to have been paid to play a sport I love. I had a pain in my left shoulder and when I was out and about I kept tripping. When I trained I had trouble catching the ball and coordination in general was worsening. I had an MRI scan on my neck: nothing showed. I was told about motor neurone problems. After five months of tests I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

I read the literature and I had a life expectancy of 2>5 years, that was 18 months ago.

I am now unable move my limbs or stand without a lot of help. I need to be washed and fed by someone.

The worst thing is having an itch – next time you have an itch see how long you can leave it?

I have had incredible support from my family and friends: because of this I am humbled.

What next?

Well, as my voice has deteriorated the only movement I have is moving my knees together, and with a button between them and some software I am able to use my computer and send emails, write reports and surf the net.

I am also trialling a system were I enter words to form a sentence, click the button and it speaks for me and remembers the sentence for use again.

Probably the most frustrated I get when people see I’m disabled and talk round me. (They don’t realise that MND doesn’t affect the mind) I feel like shouting I AM HERE ! if I only could.

As I see life now, I am moving forward. I’ve done a lot in my life up to now, so why stop.

I assist in rugby Coaching by giving the Coach an outside opinion. It’s easy for me as I used to Coach these teams and I’m good friends with the Coaches.


(Sadly, Simon died on 19 April 2007)


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